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It’s a wrap

It’s a wrap

It’s a wrap

If you’ve finished the other three modules, you’ve now got the facts you need to make good decisions when you’re socialising.

Let’s do a quick recap…

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Fact 1

A standard drink is a drink containing 10g of pure alcohol. You can find out how many standard drinks are in a bottle by looking at the label on the back.

Standard drink

Fact 2

The volume of a standard drink depends on the alcohol content of the tipple. As ABV goes up, volume comes down. Look at these examples:

  • Beer
    330ml / 4% ABV
    1 standard drink

  • Wine
    100ml / 13% ABV
    1 standard drink

  • Single Bourbon
    30ml / 40% ABV
    1 standard drink

Fact 3

Keep count

The average person can only process one standard drink an hour.

Factors such as gender, age, health and how much you have eaten will affect how your body reacts to alcohol.

Fact 4

Judy and Tama

It’s important to keep your non-alcoholic fluid intake up, to keep you well hydrated and help you pace yourself!

Fact 5


Eating won’t stop you getting drunk, but a full belly will help slow down the absorption of alcohol in your body.

To stay safe and sociable eat before and during the occasion, and for the best results the next day, start with a good meal when you wake. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Fact 6


If you have more than one standard drink in an hour, your body, including your brain, won’t be able to function as well. And the more you continue to drink the worse you will feel.

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How you use what you’ve just learnt is up to you.

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Is your drinking normal? Take the quiz:

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Is my drinking normal?

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Remember: your body can only process one standard drink an hour.

Stay safe out there and to help make the good times last longer remember to Size, Pace and Space

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Congratulations on completing Alcohol&Me!

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