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Your Alcohol&Me journey starts here.

This training is designed to help you stay in control when you are drinking and provides tips on how to make the good times last longer at your next social occasion.
We hope you find the content enlightening - you may even discover that some of your ideas about alcohol are challenged. Enjoy, learn and take this opportunity to think about how this applies to you and the people you know. No-one is watching or recording your answers and you can work through the training at your own pace.
And remember, we are all unique – this is a general guide based on the average person. Speak to your health care professional with any concerns or for advice on your specific circumstances.

Do you enjoy a drink? This pre quiz tests how much you really know about alcohol and provides tips to help you make the good times last longer at your next social occasion.

So, let’s get started.

Note: If you’re in a shared space, put your headphones on now because you’ll be experiencing a mix of videos and interactive activities

This tool is intended for educational purposes and for people over the age of 18

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