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Welcome to Alcohol&Me. This month, for everyone who spends five minutes on our site we will donate $5 to Kiwi Can.

Kiwi Can helps kids develop crucial life skills. Alcohol&Me helps you make smarter choices about drinking alcohol so while you're picking up tips on how to make the good times last longer when socialising, you're also raising money for Kiwi kids in need. For each of the below Alcohol&Me modules you complete, we give $5. There are four in total so you can give up to $20 and educate yourself at the same time - It's a win-win.

No-one is watching or recording your answers and you can work through the modules at your own pace.

Click below to get started. And on behalf of Kiwi Can, thanks for your time.

T&C's Apply. Maximum of 1,000 donations ($5,000 in total) to be made.

This tool is intended for educational purposes and for people over the age of 18